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Saba CoP at HHS University

Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of people who have a common interest or goal, work collaboratively to achieve it, and share what they have learned from their experiences.

In support of the June 4th release of the new and improved HHS Learning Portal, the Saba (Learning Management System) CoP is now available. This resource will provide you with information, materials, and online tools to help ease your transition to Saba Enterprise 5.3.

Who May Join?
The Saba (Learning Management System) CoP is open to everyone!

How Do I Join?
The HHS University CoP web site can be directly accessed by going to https://hhsu.learning.hhs.gov/communities/. To join a CoP, please perform the following:
  1. Create a CoP user account if you do not already have one. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to Registering a Community of Practice at http://www.learning.hhs.gov/elearning/copregistration.asp
  2. Log on to the HHS University CoP website.
  3. Scroll through the list of Communities and click the “Saba (Learning Management System)” link.
  4. Click the “Join this community?” link to request access.
  5. From the Saba (Learning Management System) CoP homepage, repeat Steps 3 and 4 to request access to any sub-groups in which you are interested.

What Will I Find?
In addition to finding a calendar of events, bulletin boards, Q&A’s, meeting minutes, plus other information of interest, you will also find the following sub-groups: What If I Have Questions?
For questions about HHS University Communities of Practice, please contact us:


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