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Policies and Procedures

HHS University

Scheduling and Cancellations:
Please make every effort to conduct your services as scheduled or arrange for approved substitutes. In case you must cancel, notify your HHS University Program Manager. All re-scheduling and registration arrangements must be approved by HHS University.

Security and Identification:
Identification requirements may vary among the training locations. Please confirm the proper identification for your specific location with an HHS University Training Coordinator. At a minimum, you will need to provide a state issued photo ID to identify yourself.

Arrive at least one hour to thirty minutes prior to the start of a class. Upon arrival, you will receive an instructor packet. This packet contains information pertaining to student record-keeping and evaluations. At most sites a Training Coordinator will meet you and be available to assist with any concerns or issues.

Class Materials:
Contract instructors must come prepared with all materials for the maximum number of students allowed in their class(es). NOTE: Contract instructors should refrain from using the office fax, copy machine, and classroom printers. HHS University equipment is not to be used by contractors to produce training materials.

Equipment Needs:
All equipment needs must be communicated to the HHS University Training Coordinator prior to the commencement of the class(es). Provide HHS University staff with any audio/visual requirements at least three weeks prior to the class start date by completing the HHS University Instructor Equipment Checklist.

Computer Equipment:
Laptops are available for use at 6010 Executive Boulevard, and are equipped with CD drives. HHS U staff is unable to connect your personal laptop to the network. If your scheduled class is to run at any other location, the Training Coordinator assigned to your class will work with you to determine the best audio/visual equipment solution, based on availability.

Evaluation methods will be agreed upon at the commitment of service. Students must complete the HHS University course evaluation included in the instructor packet. Unless otherwise agreed, completed evaluations should be placed in the instructor packets. HHS University reserves the right to observe all classes for quality assurance purposes.

Marketing of services by contract instructors while teaching or conducting business at HHS University is prohibited.

Directions to HHS U facilities, transportation, and hotel options are located on the HHS University website at http://hhsu.learning.hhs.gov/registration/locations.asp. Note our location and contact information:

HHS University
330 C Street SW, Suite 2100 Rm 2000
Washington, DC 20024
Phone: (202) 260-1903
E-mail: hhs.communications@psc.gov

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